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generous pay
  • pago generoso
generous payment
  • pago generoso

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Given our limits, though, generous pay increases for well-paid staff at any level seem counterproductive.
Generous pay increases, improvements to benefits, and class size restrictions were only some of the policies that pleased union leaders.
As a result, government is formed based on a subset of the population - form of those who are willing to work for the seemingly generous pay.
In addition to their generous pay deals, almost all the university heads receive free accommodation and the use of a car, significantly reducing their costs of living.
Cops are generally barred from striking, but they receive more generous pay, health, and retirement benefits.
She points to the generous pay and pensions of those in office.
Only when countries combine generous pay replacement with a use-it-or-lose-it quota for men does fathers' participation rise significantly.
The freewheeling excesses of the dotcom boom began a rot of disclosure failures, debt and battles between management and investors over very generous pay.
Another way reality is stripped from public sector compensation is resolving all inequities by moving to the most generous pay scale.
Even many media organizations, as recipients of generous payments for the electricity industry, are part of the cartel...
Even many media organizations, as recipients of generous payments for the electricity industry, are part of the industry-regulator-media cartel.?
There are still thousands of households getting generous payments on premium feed-in tariffs that were put in place to kickstart the solar industry.
Provide more generous payment or return policies, or beef up the warranty.
Not surprising, insurance companies do not hand over generous payments to compensate accident victims just because they need it.
The court was told that the family enjoyed generous payments in the year before the firm collapsed, despite "no evidence to confirm the family members contributed to the business".
It turns out that you can't take photos of the artwork... without generous payment to the artist's heirs.
Centrelink has a generous payment on offer, with very few prerequisites to access it.
These are higher-margin deals, with bigger lead times and more generous payment terms.

Context sentences for "generous pay" in Spanish

EnglishShe was generous enough to pay tribute to me and I want to say to her that it has been a pleasure to work with her.
Ha sido suficientemente generosa como para rendirme homenaje y quiero decirle que ha sido un placer trabajar con ella.

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