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generous quantities
  • cantidades generosas

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A gentle massage with generous quantities of nalennai or gingelly oil, followed by a hot bath with shikakai powder for the hair and besan powder for the face...
Now is the time to replenish it with generous quantities of finished compost.
Monkeys would stalk through the hostel corridors, calmly leaving generous quantities of droppings everywhere imaginable.
Add generous quantities to the soil at the time of planting.
Lovely, delicious, generous quantities of guilt-free food - quite a lot of it pasta-related.
Starting in the summer of 1943, the cocktail included generous quantities of opiates.
April is the time to dig generous quantities of composted cattle or sheep manure into your garden beds.
Despite the generous quantities (24% each of mozzarella and tomatoes), the toppings look and taste parsimonious.
Sweets in generous quantities are prepared and distributed.

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