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generous retirement
  • jubilación generosa

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In all likelihood, a generous retirement package or sinecure may already be in the works for the defeated plaintiff.
The legislation provides for a generous retirement package for the out-going head of state.
The fact that civil servants enjoy vastly more generous retirement benefits than the taxpayers who pay for them is already fomenting rising resentment.
The letter sent to finance ministers called for people who earn more than about $27,500 a year to pay higher premiums and receive more generous retirement benefits.
Book and other defenders of public pensions say that government employees trade lower wages for more generous retirement plans.
At the same time, they enjoyed the most generous retirement formula, according to the survey.
The federal government wants to strip legal guarantees from the generous retirement benefits of its tens of thousands of public servants.
They have more generous retirement, more vacations.
When the boomers started working, they enjoyed good starting wages and generous retirement benefits -- thanks to strong labour unions.
They must be taken good care of with generous retirement packages.

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