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generous settlement
  • liquidación generosa
  • acuerdo generoso

Context sentences for "generous settlement" in English

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I came out of the divorce with a generous settlement, though it doesn't take away the pain or hurt.
Juffali, 60, said he had already provided them with a generous settlement, and his diplomatic status shielded him from financial claims in the courts.
Anyone who has left has been offered very generous settlement packages.
They aim to ensure that the claims of retired players are not given up in exchange for anything less than a generous settlement agreement negotiated by very able representatives.
The press commented this was quite a generous settlement and enquired who had scuttled the settlement so far.
Those who opt out "will have extraordinary leverage in negotiating a very generous settlement that will include anticipated punitive damages," he said.
Their own lawyer said it was a very generous settlement.
Stephanie had consulted with a divorce attorney and was told that she was entitled to a generous settlement package and monthly support.

Context sentences for "generous settlement" in Spanish

EnglishIt proposes a reasonably generous settlement with the government of Sao Tomé and Principe.
Propone una compensación razonablemente generosa para el Gobierno de Santo Tomé y Príncipe.
EnglishThis means a generous financial settlement which precludes them becoming net contributors in the short term.
Esto implica un generoso acuerdo financiero que impida que sean contribuyentes netos a corto plazo.