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generous spirit
  • espíritu generoso

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Corrie is a "blessed and generous spirit", we are told.
I will always remember him for his gracious personality and generous spirit.
Instead, we will honor her inspiring and generous spirit.
Seales rose above her illness and it failed to dampen her love of life and generous spirit, he said.
To those who knew him best, he was equally remarkable for his kind heart and generous spirit.
Developing children's personal competencies tend to be higher on most parent's wish lists for their kids than developing a generous spirit.
This book, like its subject, requires patience and indulgence, but if you approach it with a generous spirit, you will be richly rewarded.
Her generous spirit, her genuine care for everyone and her ability to get you to want to be a better version of yourself was extraordinary.

Context sentences for "generous spirit" in Spanish

Englishgrandeur and dignity of human beings who suffer with a generous spirit and offer
adquiere la conciencia de la grandeza y dignidad del hombre que sufre
EnglishFulfil your obligations to Parliament in a generous spirit, thus preparing for the future.
Cumpla sus obligaciones con el Parlamento de manera generosa, preparando así el futuro.
Englishshe has a generous and noble spirit
EnglishMr President, anyone who has had the privilege of visiting Sri Lanka is profoundly affected by the warmth and generous spirit of its people.
En el mes de junio de 2003, la comunidad internacional prometió en Tokio una ayuda de 4  500 millones de USD para apoyar el proceso de paz.
English   Mr President, anyone who has had the privilege of visiting Sri Lanka is profoundly affected by the warmth and generous spirit of its people.
   – Señor Presidente, cualquier persona que haya tenido el privilegio de visitar Sri Lanka se habrá visto profundamente conmovido por la calidez y generosidad de sus habitantes.
EnglishWe must be sufficiently generous of spirit to give those in government the freedom to impose their own rules, something that we shall also continue to do, and to adapt them as they see fit.
Debemos tener la grandeza de admitir la libertad de los gobernantes para hacer esos trajes a medida y adaptar el modelo de traje -al que no renunciamos- a las medidas.
EnglishThe plenary indulgence of the Jubilee can also be gained through actions which express in a practical and generous way the penitential spirit which is, as it were, the heart of the Jubilee.
La indulgencia plenaria jubilar podrá obtenerse también mediante iniciativas que favorezcan de modo concreto y generoso el espíritu penitencial, que es como el alma del Jubileo.

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