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generous sponsors
  • generosos patrocinadores
  • patrocinadores generosos

Context sentences for "generous sponsors" in English

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Approximately $38,000 was raised through the support of everyone in attendance and all our generous sponsors and supporters.
Our generous sponsors and local advocates have built a solid foundation of support.
A special thank you to our generous sponsors for making this meaningful program possible.
Launching a successful event requires having a talented and passionate core team, dedicated volunteers, and generous sponsors.
His family had wonderful, generous sponsors, he says, but the wires still sometimes got crossed.
These include the caregivers, the donors, our loyal and generous sponsors and our incredible volunteers.
An achievement of the community and great generous sponsors.
The organisers thanked the dam owners, the generous sponsors, all the helpers and the public for their continued support for the event.
The contest has several generous sponsors that offer participant and winner goodies.
Gifts were given to them through generous sponsors.

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