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generous storage
  • almacenamiento generoso

Context sentences for "generous storage" in English

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The unit in question has an attractive frontage with a number of period features and generous storage.
We love the gorgeous period entrance and reception area, the large rooms, original herringbone parquetry floors and generous storage.
The free version was full featured and offered generous storage.
More generous storage spaces up front would be welcome, but's that's a small gripe in a cabin that impresses on every other count.
Twin wheel steering option or large single wheel, clean, clear decks and generous storage on deck and below.
The rear compartment provides generous storage for baggage, groceries, and so on.
To the rear of the hall, there is a large pantry room, a boot room with generous storage, and a loo.
Tablets generally do not offer the generous storage capacity you would find on a laptop or desktop pc.
The interior offers plenty of room, generous storage bins, and a reasonable boot.
Three double cabins, all with en-suite head compartments and generous storage space, provide an exceptional level of comfort.