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generous tip
  • punta generosa
  • consejo generoso

Context sentences for "generous tip" in English

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All that flaming and business with special tools and little piles of ingredients was catnip to the diner and almost demanded a generous tip.
I smiled, thanked her, and gave her a generous tip.
Leave a generous tip, a tip for two -- if you're a ten-percenter.
We shared a dessert, and with a generous tip, the tab was 470 pesos, or about $39.
The microcosm is giving a busy tradesman a generous tip at first, in the hope of then being able to call on his services and time more regularly.
If your young waiter seems to be hustling for a generous tip this summer, have pity.
Whichever person who comes over to clean gets a generous tip before he sets off to work despite already paying the company we work for.
Use their taxi and give them a generous tip etc...
Sure that's a generous tip if we're talking about the amounts of money these guys are used to dealing in.

Context sentences for "generous tip" in Spanish

Englisha very generous tip