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It has such a generous welfare state, it is basically impossible to be poor.
That cash already helps pay for a generous welfare state, whose benefits include some of the world's highest agricultural subsidies.
Why should they bother when a generous welfare state awaits?
Faced with budget deficits after years of surpluses, the authorities are considering scaling down a generous welfare system which includes free gasoline rations.
Higher minimum wage, stronger rights at work, a generous welfare system recognising that some people will always need the state's support.
Sweden is already celebrated for its generous welfare state where people get 480 days of paid parental leave and universal health care.
British nationalists insinuate that their generous welfare system -- benefits for the unemployed, in particular -- contributed to this attraction.
Conversely, those with more generous welfare structures had lower rates of foster care, and lower rates of restrictive confinement for children in foster care.
Finland has high unemployment, very high youth unemployment and generous welfare.
She also wants to protect police funding, free university tuition and more generous welfare spending.