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"genes linked to" in Spanish

genes linked to
  • genes ligados a
  • genes vinculados a

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The team also identified genes linked to the ability to grow a bushy beard, to eyebrow thickness and likelihood of a monobrow and hair curliness.
They then looked specifically at the methylation in genes linked to type 2 diabetes and obesity.
While there are genes linked to myopia, its rising prevalence in both continents points to environmental causes.
Little is known about the individual genes linked to paranoia, but environmental risks have been identified.
An international study has uncovered new genes linked to the early onset of puberty and increased likelihood of obesity.
There are more than 200 genes linked to exercise.
These were checked for 21 genes linked to weight gain.
To group the tumors into five distinct types, they looked for abnormal chromosomes and measured the activity of 100 different genes linked to prostate cancer.
There are several genes linked to the condition, including one that controls the way the body metabolises iron.
In our search for, say, genes linked to autism, we increasingly bump into a mutation that causes something else like cancer.

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