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genetic ancestry
  • ascendencia genética

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Our current fascination with genealogy has also been getting a tremendous boost from the growing popularity of genetic ancestry testing.
Instead, they looked at the association of genetic ancestry with food sensitization along with self-identified race.
They say "the genetic ancestry business uses a phenomenon well-known in other areas such as horoscopes, where general information is interpreted as being more personal than it really is".
The cases and controls include individuals that, on average, differ in genetic ancestry.
The question is whether this is the exclusive component of modern human genetic ancestry, which is a somewhat more extreme scenario.
One of the new articles presents a detailed genetic ancestry study, including the relationship between the genetic results and self-reported ethnicity in the cohort.
However, little is known about their genetic ancestry before the onset of agriculture, some 8,000 years ago.
One company offered a service whereby it would tell you the precise village location of your genetic ancestry 1,000 years ago.
The researchers were able to reveal the genetic ancestry of cattle species around the world.
They also all agreed that superficial similarities between people, such as skin colour, are a wholly unreliable way of identifying shared genetic ancestry.

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