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A consortium of scientists from 20 countries has made a major breakthrough in understanding the genetic basis of the debilitating disorder schizophrenia.
But in the context of medicine, it refers to the actress and humanitarian's work in raising awareness of the genetic basis of breast cancer.
Jensen claimed that interventions of this type would be of no use because of the genetic basis of intelligence.
Looking at the genetic basis of adaptation in natural contexts.
Presently science is discovering the genetic basis of several disease processes.
The first bombardier genome will allow us to understand the genetic basis of bombardier chemical production, solving a longstanding evolutionary puzzle.
There would be tremendous potential for mapping out the genetic basis of inherited disease.
This is a major breakthrough in our understanding of osteoarthritis which we hope will help us to unlock the genetic basis of the disease.
We are excited to facilitate a scientist's ability to compile a research panel around the genetic basis of a disease.
We will be able to explore the genetic basis of infertility in kakapo.

Context sentences for "genetic basis" in Spanish

EnglishWe must, for example, prevent insurance companies from excluding certain people from their policies on the basis of genetic profiling.
Por ejemplo, debemos evitar que las compañías de seguros excluyan a determinadas personas de sus pólizas basándose en un perfil genético.

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