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genetic blueprint
  • proyecto genético

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It depends on the amount of the pigment melanin found in the skin cells, and this amount is predetermined by the genetic blueprint of each cell.
The genetic blueprint of the chocolate tree is at hand, but not quite in mouth.
They will be able to look at the genetic blueprint of humankind's nearest relative and understand its biology as intimately as our own.
To study the genetic basis for migration, they compared the genetic blueprint of migratory monarchs to those that do not migrate.
Chromosomes contain the genetic blueprint for life, and must be precisely duplicated and equally partitioned during each cell division.
It offers a glimpse into the genetic blueprint for development and maintenance of organs, and could give researchers new targets for the study of disease.
The genetic blueprint for this is the smallest ever seen.
The hormonal mix in birth control pills confounds a woman's sense of smell, steering her toward men with a genetic blueprint that's not very compatible to their own.

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