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genetic characteristics
  • características genéticas

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Broders's lab group is studying the genetic characteristics of bats.
The aim of the study was to find out if the genetic characteristics of the tumours could be classified and matched according to clinical outcomes.
The discovery revealed that the genetic characteristics of liver cancer tumours can vary widely, not only across different patients but also within a single tumour.
This would work by assessing the genetic characteristics of extracted cancer cells and matching them against the best available drugs according to the encyclopaedia's results.
In his model, effective parents observe, recognize and assess their child's individual genetic characteristics, then cultivate their child's strengths.
Personalized medicine -- the ability to tailor therapies to patients' individual genetic characteristics -- has long been the holy grail of the life sciences industry.
For all forms of life, objectively recognisable morphological and genetic characteristics exist at the species level only.
Products with bugs also must clearly be labelled as such and carry allergy warnings given many bugs share the same genetic characteristics as shellfish.
It can have genetic characteristics desired for a planting material's mass production.
The snakes gave birth, allowing the scientists to study the physical and genetic characteristics of the litters.

Context sentences for "genetic characteristics" in Spanish

EnglishAfter all, the genetic characteristics of the new human being would be totally predetermined.
En efecto, en este caso existiría una determinación total de las características genéticas del nuevo ser humano.
EnglishAnd finally, no experiment should affect the genetic line, with altered characteristics being passed on to later generations.
Por último, ninguna investigación tratará de modificar la línea germinal a través de la transmisión de características modificadas a los descendientes.

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