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genetic counselling
  • asesoramiento genético

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Genetic counselling is also very important, particularly in patients with young-onset dementia.
Genetic counselling is strongly advised before and after the test.
This knowledge will help improve treatments for patients, genetic counselling, molecular diagnosis and the development of advanced therapeutic strategies.
Genetic counselling, not involuntary sterilization, was most likely to prove useful, she stated.
This will pave the way for preventative interventions and genetic counselling.
We offer standard of care evidence-based medical treatment, chemodenervation involving botulinum toxin injections and genetic counselling.
Deaf couples may want to consider genetic counselling prior to conceiving a child.
Specialised genetic counselling is essential before you consider having testing.
So one of the providers is happy for us to do that knowing that the patients have had genetic counselling.
The relatively new field of genetic counselling is also fairly lucrative with counsellors making an average of $65,000 to $85,000 annually.

Context sentences for "genetic counselling" in Spanish

EnglishGenetic counselling, likewise, should not be dominated by a political goal.
El asesoramiento genético, de la misma manera, tampoco debería estar dominado por un objetivo político.
EnglishAmendment 15 talks of how genetic diseases should be avoided and eradicated through measures such as genetic counselling and the selection of embryos.
La enmienda 15 trata de cómo se deberían evitar y erradicar las enfermedades genéticas a través de medidas tales como el asesoramiento genético y la selección de embriones.

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