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How do you qualify to become a genetic counsellor?
If asked, she would send a family member to a genetic counsellor, as the results could be explosive and not everyone would cope well.
They suggest that you take the findings to your doctor, a genetic counsellor, even "nutritionists, fitness coaches and dermatologists".
Those who don't meet the public system criteria, assessed by a genetic counsellor, but still want to be tested, face costs between $800 and $2000 for private testing.
We believe the published waiting lists for genetic services do not include those individuals awaiting access to a genetic counsellor.
What's more, the results from such tests can be so nuanced they ought to be delivered by a genetic counsellor, he added.
Genetics program clients have access to a genetic counsellor and geneticist.
We talked to a genetic counsellor and were told there was a chance of another baby having cataracts, but that the other conditions were just unfortunate.
Or feel free to discuss it with a doctor or a genetic counsellor before you unlock and view your results.
This can be a frightening experience and is a very good reason to consult a genetic counsellor who can help you interpret and deal with your results.

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