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genetic databases
  • bases de datos genéticas

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As large genetic databases like this are leveraged toward health discoveries, the company's methods gain new support, and a health environment that takes into account genetic risk looks increasingly inevitable.
Using sophisticated techniques for analyzing large numbers of genetic sequences at the same time, the researchers identified several that had limited similarity to known viruses in large genetic databases.
By comparing his genetic code with hundreds of thousands of samples held in genetic databases, they found his genetic profile was very rare.
But as genetic databases expand, this should become easier.
Ethical qualms have done little to stop the growth of genetic databases around the world.
Scientists realized they could improve the usability of genetic databases by sorting their expression profiles into disease classes, and then querying the database with similar profiles.
Evidence from genetic databases covering thousands of people showed the flawed version of the gene is present in around one in 400 people.

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