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genetic discoveries
  • descubrimientos genéticos

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Farrer and his team are now developing new therapies based on this and other genetic discoveries of the past decade.
The pace of new genetic discoveries is staggering, making it impossible for frontline physicians to stay current.
All that information overload is complicated by a steady stream of new genetic discoveries; sequencing results that are head-scratchers today could be meaningful tomorrow.
Yes, there are breakthroughs waiting to be found in basic science -- new wonder drugs, genetic discoveries, less invasive surgery.
Below we have compiled a list of our top ten favorite genetic discoveries from 2010.
The genetic discoveries could be useful to the pharmaceutical, natural health product, food and chemical industries.
Self-determination is not at odds with the genetic discoveries being made today.
Robertson says the hope is that with all the research underway around the world, the genetic discoveries will soon lead to a better understanding of the mechanism of this disease.
But a series of recent genetic discoveries have shed new light on it, starting with the moment when a connection from chimp to human changed the course of history.
Not only are new drugs being studied and developed, but genetic discoveries and a better understanding of the biology of depression will one day make more targeted, personalized treatment possible.

Context sentences for "genetic discoveries" in Spanish

EnglishMy second point relates to patents on genetic discoveries.
En segundo lugar, la patente de los descubrimientos genéticos.

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