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genetic endowment
  • dotación genética

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But succeeding in maths, or in any area of skill, isn't entirely a matter of genetic endowment.
The performances of athletes are the product of genetic endowment, hard work and, increasingly, the contribution of science.
The compulsion to include unsupported speculation about class differences in genetic endowment explaining disadvantage is lamentable.
In both cases, how strong we are depends a lot upon the hand of cards we were dealt, our genetic endowment and the environment that shaped us.
Genetic endowment provides an inherited predisposition to a wide range of individual responses that affect health status.
The time span involved is simply too brief to allow for major changes in genetic endowment.
What he tries to do, however, is show that humanity's particular genetic endowment has created a whole new means of evolution, which we call culture.
This can be due a variety of factors, including - the circumstances of their youth (events in their formative years), their genetic endowment or some kind of physical injury.

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