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genetic experiments
  • experimentos genéticos

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He announced that he'd be drawing blood from everyone, for "comparative genetic experiments" in the laboratory he had set up in his maternal grandmother's garage.
In an ironic twist, the producer of a movie about mutants cautions against undertaking any genetic experiments with a franchise's genome.
With the success of these genetic experiments, scientists think these can pave the way for cures to many diseases.
The scientists performed genetic experiments using zebrafish, a small freshwater fish common in research labs, to model scoliosis.
This complex scientific research involved a combination of molecular, pharmacological, behavioural and genetic experiments on mice.
New genome sequencing technology allows us to bypass what previously took years of painstaking genetic experiments to go directly to the genes that make the molecules or that build resistance.
The announcement confirms rumors that some researchers have been conducting ethically questionable genetic experiments.
One of the nice things about genetics and butterflies is that if you do genetic experiments with butterflies you can actually see the outcome in their wings.
The team drew inspiration from research laboratories, text books, journal papers and their own imaginations to come up with images that support the science behind the film's rogue genetic experiments.
Set on a remote farm, it tells the story of genetic experiments gone wrong.

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