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genetic factor
  • factor genético

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Its onset is typically in childhood or teens, and there is often a genetic factor, and it is neither preventable nor reversible.
There is lots of research going on, but there is some feeling that there is a genetic factor.
This is false because height is majorly a genetic factor.
Other than the genetic factor, which has now been unearthed, food habit is also responsible for the higher incidence of the disease.
There is always the five per cent risk of the problem recurring in these cases, but that is mainly attributed to the genetic factor.
There is definitely a genetic factor because a person who has close relatives with hyperuricemia is more likely to develop it himself.
Huh, must have a genetic factor that varies between victims.
Very few cases are because of the genetic factor and the bulk of these are among women.
She wanted to find out if there was a genetic factor driving people to take risk in extreme sports.
Once a genetic factor is identified, scientists are able to directly deliver the gene that helps plants to capture more water.

Context sentences for "genetic factor" in Spanish

EnglishI hope that continuing research will also take account of this genetic factor.
Espero que en investigaciones futuras también se tenga en cuenta el factor genético.

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