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genetic flaws
  • defectos genéticos

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Animals and organic objects with a great deal of symmetry are generally without genetic flaws, and thus more likely to reproduce and have viable offspring.
That could mean everything from new probiotic foods to designing babies without genetic flaws.
It is thought that as yet unidentified genetic flaws in men's immune systems may cause chronic inflammation in their arteries, which can lead to heart disease.
Some of the genetic flaws researchers found could have caused the animals to suffer stomach upset and gastrointestinal woes.
The implications of the technology mean doctors will have the power to effectively eliminate genetic flaws in certain family trees.
Other factors blamed for genetic flaws, such as alcohol consumption, smoking and social deprivation, can be ruled out, it said.
The study is part of a landmark project to chart the genetic flaws in dozens of types of cancer.
The reason why is very simple - everyone has genetic flaws.
The software lets you make minor cosmetic adjustments -- evening skintone, softening dark shadows -- but it can't fix genetic flaws or reverse the effects of time.

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