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genetic illness
  • enfermedad genética

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I truly believe drug addiction is a genetic illness.
The genetic illness is caused by dysfunctional mitochondria, the cellular units that are responsible for generating energy.
It is a genetic illness and people with a close family member with a wheat allergy are at higher risk of it.
As far as freedom, genetic illness drastically reduces it.
Ageing causes older mitochondria to resemble the mitochondria in the rare genetic illness progeria, which causes premature ageing in one in four million children.
The child was born with a genetic illness which frequently brought them in to contact with various hospitals and specialists.
And it was the same genetic illness that claimed the lives of their father and grandfather -- aged only in their mid 50s.
Experience to date suggests that the experiment would be fraught with unintended consequences, like a high rate of induced genetic illness.
She was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease, a rare genetic illness that gradually leads to kidney failure, when she was 23.

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