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genetic information
  • información genética

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From digestion to the reproduction of genetic information, they control and accelerate the majority of biochemical reactions.
It noted privacy implications that can arise from the collection and use of genetic information.
Driving this change is high-throughput sequencing, a relatively new advance that enables researchers to decipher mountains of genetic information quickly and at lower cost.
The ground-breaking science provides some fascinating genetic information.
This means they could not be interviewed, nor examined to verify the accuracy of the genetic information that the researchers have gathered.
And the way genetic information is obtained will change in the coming years.
Can genetic information really appear out of nowhere, by chance?
They collected and analysed genetic information from a sample of 1,083 living dromedaries from 21 countries across the world.
We're now able to manipulate genetic information in incredible ways.

Context sentences for "Genetic information" in Spanish

EnglishGenetic information can only be discovered, it cannot be invented.
La información genética sólo se puede descubrir, no inventar.
EnglishThe Commission also agreed that genetic information on living human beings could not be patented.
Asimismo la Comisión está de acuerdo en que la información genética de personas vivas no puede ser patentable.
EnglishUntil the fourth day, each cell is totipotent, and contains all the genetic information of a potential human being.
Hasta el cuarto día, cada célula es totipotente, encierra todas las informaciones genéticas de un ser humano en potencia.
EnglishIsolated genetic information would be regarded as the result of technical processes and thus as inventions which could be patented.
Informaciones genéticas aisladas serían consideradas como resultados de procedimientos técnicos y, por tanto, como invenciones patentables.
EnglishI am very glad that the report is to include paragraph 62 which addresses the protection of the individual's personal integrity whenever genetic information is used.
Celebro que en el informe se haya incorporado el punto 62, en el que se destaca la protección a la integridad personal en relación con el uso de información genética.
EnglishThat is why it is good that we have this formulation under which cloning is defined as the creation of human beings with the same genetic information as other human beings.
Por ello es bueno que tengamos esa formulación que define la clonación como la producción de seres humanos con la misma información genética que otros seres humanos.

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