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genetic origin
  • origen genético

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According to twin and family studies more than half of the vulnerability for schizophrenia is of genetic origin.
He further said that the obesity of the children seemed to be of genetic origin.
With ongoing advances in the study of molecular genetics, there has been considerable progress in the identification of specific subtypes of diabetes of genetic origin.
Hair loss usually has a genetic origin, but there are many other factors that contribute to it.
It is generally thought to have a genetic origin, which can be further triggered by environmental factors.
The only reliable clue has been the fact that the condition is more likely if a male relative has suffered it - pointing, at least in part, to a genetic origin.
A consideration of ethno-pharmacology is not simply a discussion of ethnic differences in the pharmacokinetics of drugs that may have genetic origin.
It said 80 per cent of the rare diseases have a genetic origin while 50 per cent affect children, most of whom do not live beyond five years.
To ensure proper care in these individuals, it is important to determine the genetic origin of their disorders to facilitate proper treatment.

Context sentences for "genetic origin" in Spanish

EnglishSerious diseases, often of genetic origin, affect millions of people.
Las enfermedades graves, con frecuencia de origen genético, afectan a millones de personas.
EnglishMadam President, several thousands of people in Europe are affected by rare diseases, some of them of genetic origin and extremely serious.
Señora Presidenta, varios miles de europeos sufren enfermedades poco comunes, algunas de carácter genético, muy graves e incluso gravísimas.

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