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genetic relatives
  • parientes genéticos

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Cells die in the process of forming a stalk so that their neighbors, who are likely to be their close genetic relatives, can survive in the form of spores.
Eusocial insects, such as ants, live a communal lifestyle within colonies of close genetic relatives.
So, they've evolved a system to off their neighbors -- again, likely to be their close genetic relatives -- in order to free up the nutrients needed.
The ants, unlike the crabs, are close genetic relatives, and kinship is a key ingredient that favors their cooperation.
Aside from their scientific value, these findings can benefit patients and even their genetic relatives.
Mental disorders pose an increased risk that people will hurt their kin, but evolutionary theory predicts that mentally healthy people will tend to avoid hurting their genetic relatives.
As evidence, he notes that chimpanzees, our closest genetic relatives, have been observed engaging in deadly group raids.
Thus, in two-thirds of the cases, a genealogy results in which humans and chimpanzees are not each other's closest genetic relatives.
The vast, vast majority of what is misnamed altruism is behavior benefiting genetic relatives.
For this reason, it makes sense that women would reduce their interactions with male genetic relatives, who are undesirable mates.

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