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EN glamorous

1. general

glamorosa {adj. f}
glamorous (also: glitzy)
glamoroso {adj. m}
glamorous (also: glam)

2. "dress"

glamorous (also: beguiling, alluring, luscious, sultry)

3. "lifestyle"

glamorous (also: glamorous, literate, svelte, worldly)

4. "job"


5. "occasion, party"

glamorous (also: genteel, ladylike, trendy, posh)
I must say you are looking very glamorous this morning.
Debo decir que está usted muy elegante esta mañana.
glamorous (also: glamorous, literate, svelte, worldly)

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EnglishI do not believe that this is more glamorous and attractive to the citizens.
No creo que esto tenga más encanto y atractivo para los ciudadanos.
EnglishA new model strip cartoon has just been distributed to Members showing how exciting the work of the European Parliament is, with glamorous young male and female characters.
Se acaba de distribuir un cómic entre los Diputados que refleja lo emocionante que es el trabajo del Parlamento Europeo, con jóvenes personajes masculinos y femeninos rebosantes de« glamour».