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EN glint

1. general

there was a murderous glint in his eye
su mirada tenía un brillo asesino

2. "of metal"

glint (also: beam, flare, flash, flicker)

3. "of light"

glint (also: beam, flare, flash, flicker)

4. "in eye"

glint (also: sizzle, spark, sparkle, tiny bit)

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EnglishWith a glint in his eye, he said that the Stone Age did not end because people ran out of stones.
Él dijo en tono de broma que la Edad de Piedra no finalizó por falta de piedras.
EnglishWe have not been able to take advantage of this glint of light and of the hopes raised in Mecca.
No supimos aprovechar el rayo de luz y las esperanzas generadas en La Meca.