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go awry
  • ir mal

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A deposit given to secure the purchase of a home is usually used to compensate the seller if things go awry.
People want to see that again, and when that comes dressed up as analysis is where things go awry.
That's not a bad thing, because promoters are often aligned with shareholders on value creation, but they also have fewer checks should things go awry.
You go into medicine to heal people and sometimes things go awry.
It is likely a project that is both dangerous and about to go awry.
The sheriff says although the protesters have been peaceful, he is documenting who is present in case something were to go awry.
As a result, many poor women see hospitalization as a gamble, and are wary of seeking medical assistance when procedures go awry.
For example, cards might include trip cancellation and trip interruption policies, which covers basic expenses when travel plans go awry.
Obviously, even the noblest intentions can go awry.
When affairs go awry, the consequences are tragic.

Context sentences for "go awry" in Spanish

EnglishThat threatened to go awry when it looked as if Mr Trichet was going to go to prison.
Esto amenazó con salir mal cuando parecía que el Sr. Trichet acabaría en la cárcel.

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