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"go downstairs" in Spanish

go downstairs
  • bajar las escaleras
  • bajar la planta baja

Context sentences for "go downstairs" in English

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At around 3am, my father would wake us all up to go downstairs and prepare our meal, which we call sunnah.
I got apprehensive and decided to go downstairs and explore.
Thinking on her feet, she asked that she be able to go downstairs and get some food to bring with her.
I didn't even think to go downstairs to get the fire extinguisher.
Snively says the men ran off with the cards after asking him to go downstairs to fetch more.
We were told to go downstairs to see our grandmother who lived below us.
The men told police the suspect told them not to look at him and to go downstairs.
The priest said he was afraid to go downstairs.
At one point, we used to just let people (from the agencies) go downstairs and take what they needed.
Go downstairs and you see someone watching jiu-jitsu videos.

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