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go forever
  • ir para siempre

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As long as the pistons go straight, always in the same direction, they will go forever.
I can tell you from my experience, the body will go forever.
I think that history and tradition of competing will go forever.
Selling your own is not going to be that easy - even though it is a great car and will go forever.
All politicians and certainly a lot of public servants seemed to believe that this boom would go forever.
I had criss-crossed the country a few times in the well-worn road machine and felt it would go forever.
If you are anything like me, you might get the feeling you could go forever.
You have this infinity inside of you that feels like you could go forever.

Context sentences for "go forever" in Spanish

EnglishFrom that point of view, he is right in saying that we should not believe that this policy is going to go on forever.
En este sentido, tiene razón que no hay que esperar que esta política dure eternamente.
EnglishWe reach a very small number of questions, and answers are allowed to go on forever.
   – Señor Presidente, sobre la observancia del Reglamento, la Ministra de Justicia de Austria ha tardado mucho en venir.
EnglishThey had learned that totalitarian regimes do not go on forever, but can in actual fact come tumbling down.
Habían aprendido que los regímenes totalitarios no duran eternamente, sino que de hecho pueden derrumbarse.
EnglishThe first of these problems is the danger that this procedure will go on forever without achieving results.
El primero de ellos es el riesgo de que este procedimiento continúe por tiempo indefinido sin obtener resultados.
EnglishOtherwise, this debate will go on forever.
De lo contrario, este debate puede ser eterno.
Englishthe conference seemed to go on forever
EnglishSo when are you finally going to present some legislative measures, because without them this charade will go on forever.
¿Me puede decir cuándo piensan presentar medidas legislativas para que de una vez por todas podamos poner fin a este teatro de guiñol?
EnglishOtherwise, the danger is the current government in Fiji will go on negotiating forever, but never come to a conclusion.
En caso contrario el peligro consiste en que el actual gobierno de Fidji continúe negociando sine die, sin llegar nunca a alcanzar un acuerdo.
EnglishUnless we have the capacity to intervene, we shall go on forever meeting here for debates on Thursdays and not achieving anything.
A menos que tengamos la capacidad de intervenir, continuaremos indefinidamente reuniéndonos aquí los jueves para celebrar debates y sin conseguir nada.
EnglishThis system of trade preferences cannot go on forever; it has to have a time limit, which is why we have the graduation mechanism.
Este sistema de preferencias tarifarias no puede continuar indefinidamente; debe tener un plazo y es por ello que disponemos de un mecanismo de graduación.
EnglishOn the basis of such a regulation or proposal, negotiations could go on forever and I think that cannot be in our interest.
Según los términos de este reglamento, o de esta propuesta de reglamento, las negociaciones podrían prolongarse indefinidamente, lo cual no creo que pueda favorecer nuestros intereses.
EnglishThis situation cannot go on forever, but the time limits that have up until now been proposed by the United States and others have been quite unrealistic.
Esta situación no puede mantenerse por tiempo indefinido, pero los plazos que los Estados Unidos y otros países han propuesto hasta ahora son poco realistas.

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