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good evening (also: good night)
Mr President, I can totally identify with what the previous speaker said and I would also like to bid Commissioner Frattini good evening for the third time today.
. – Señor Presidente, me identifico plenamente con lo que ha dicho el orador precedente y yo también quiero dar las buenas noches al Comisario Frattini por tercera vez en esta jornada.
good evening (also: good afternoon)
. - (NL) Madam President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, good evening, I should first of all like to ask you if you could pass on our good wishes to Mrs Kroes.
. - (NL) Señor Presidente, señora Comisaria, Señorías, buenas tardes.

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EnglishIf we achieve a good outcome this evening, we can avoid the conciliation procedure.
Si esta tarde se logra un buen resultado, podremos evitar el procedimiento de conciliación.
English. - Mr President, we have had a very good debate this evening.
suplente del autor. - Señor Presidente, creo que hemos disfrutado de un debate muy bueno esta tarde.
EnglishPresident Barroso's speech this evening was good.
El Presidente Barroso ha pronunciado un buen discurso esta tarde.