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EnglishIt is a presence that is difficult to define, may be growing and has a range of sources.
Es una presencia difícil de definir, puede estar creciendo y tiene diversas fuentes.
Englishthe aircraft has a range of 4,000 miles
el aparato tiene una autonomía de 4.000 millas
EnglishHas a range of these foods been investigated or tested to verify whether the claims they are making are valid, in order to protect consumers?
¿Se han examinado o sometido a pruebas una serie de estos productos para verificar la validez de dichas pretensiones, con objeto de proteger a los consumidores?
EnglishIt is designed to show that the European Union has a range of instruments at its disposal with which to pursue a coherent and effective economic policy, if it so wishes.
Pretende mostrar que la Unión Europea dispone de instrumentos para lograr, si así lo desea, una política económica coherente y eficaz.

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