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EnglishWe probably all agree that this man will not escape his punishment one way or another.
Probablemente todos estemos de acuerdo en que, de una manera u otra, este hombre no va a salir impune.
EnglishIf the multiple offender Dutroux had received his just punishment, Julie, Melissa, Anne and Efje would still be alive.
Si el multirreincidente Dutroux hubiera sido justamente castigado, Julie, Melissa, Anne y Efje estarían todavía vivas.
EnglishSay, "Have you considered, when His punishment comes to you, by night or day, which portion thereof will the sinners wish to hasten?
¿Vais, pues, a creer en él [sólo] cuando se presente?
Englishhe took his punishment like a man
EnglishMan as Prometheus, who stole fire, must today receive his punishment in the shape of melting ice fields, rising sea levels, heatwaves and a lack of oxygen.
El hombre Prometeo que roba el fuego debe ser castigado hoy con la fusión de los hielos, la elevación de las aguas, la canícula y la falta de oxígeno.

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