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EnglishI would not want to be in his shoes, but I congratulate him on what he has managed to produce.
No me gustaría encontrarme en su lugar, pero lo felicito por lo que ha conseguido producir.
EnglishMr Jospin went so far as to visit one of the beaches, carried by one of his friends so as not to dirty his shoes.
El Sr. Jospin visitó incluso una de las playas, ayudado por sus amigos que querían evitar que se ensuciara los zapatos.
Englishhe's already outgrown his new shoes
los zapatos nuevos ya le han quedado pequeños
Englishhe's already outgrown his new shoes
los zapatos nuevos ya le han quedado chicos
Englishhe's already scuffed his new shoes
ya ha raspado el cuero de los zapatos nuevos
Englishhe's hard on his shoes
Englishhe's hard on his shoes
Englishhe had his shoes and socks off
Englishto take his shoes off
EnglishIt is as if a football trainer kitted his team out with shoes for their right feet only.
Es como si un entrenador de fútbol equipara a su equipo con botas únicamente para el pie derecho y, tras una docena de partidos dijera: "Siempre perdemos, nunca seréis buenos.

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