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Englishhe really gets inside the skin of his characters
se identifica totalmente con sus personajes
Englishthe sun's rays seemed to pierce his pale skin
los rayos del sol herían su blanca piel
Englisheveryone has his own way to skin a cat
cada quien tiene su manera de matar pulgas
Englishhe could feel the sun caressing his skin
Englishthe sun had left his skin tanned and hardened
Englishhis skin tanned and hardened by the sun
Englishhis skin had toughened up
Englishhis skin had toughened
Englishhis skin is flaking
EnglishMr President, as we all know last night in the House of Commons the British Agriculture Minister, Douglas Hogg, survived a vote of censure by the skin of his teeth.
Señor Presidente, como todos sabemos, anoche en la Cámara de los Comunes, el ministro de Agricultura británico Douglas Hogg, superó una moción de censura por los pelos.

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