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EnglishWhat if human beings were to be responsible for shark attacks?
¿Y si los seres humanos también fueran responsables de los ataques de tiburones?
EnglishIn many cases, it is as if animals rather than human beings were being brought into the country.
En muchos casos, es como si lo que llegara al país fueran animales en lugar de seres humanos.
EnglishAs an example, in 2004 fourteen cases on the trafficking of human beings were referred to Eurojust; in 2007 there were seventy-one cases referred.
Por ejemplo, en 2004 se remitieron a Eurojust catorce casos de trata de seres humanos; en 2007, se le remitieron 71 casos.
EnglishIt is alarming, some time afterwards, to see how easily fellow human beings were regarded simply as economically convenient guest workers.
A la postre es preocupante la facilidad con que el prójimo es considerado únicamente como mano de obra extranjera económicamente aprovechable.
EnglishIn that regard, it bothers me to hear such frequent reference to 'human capital', as though human beings were just a factor in production.
A este respecto, me aburre escuchar esa referencia tan frecuente al "capital humano", como si los seres humanos fueran sólo un factor de producción.

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