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EnglishThen, using the oval cropping tool, you'll want to select your face from the photo.
A continuación, utilizando la herramienta de recorte oval, selecciona tu cara en la foto.
EnglishCommissioner, it appears that you have set your face against the retention of duty-free sales.
Comisario, parece que se opone usted rotundamente al mantenimiento de las ventas libres de impuestos.
EnglishMr Solana, I am sitting quite close to you, close enough to see your face.
Señor Solana, estamos cerca y puedo ver su rostro.
Englishdon't pretend it wasn't you, it's written all over your face
no te hagas el inocente, que se te nota en la cara que fuiste tú
EnglishLet the light of your face shine on us, O Lord' " (Ps 4:6).
¡Alza sobre nosotros la luz de tu rostro, Señor!» (Sal 4, 7).
EnglishI think that you have aged, your face is quite lined.
Creo que ha envejecido usted, tiene la cara llena de arrugas.
English"And from your face I shall be ~~~ hidden" (Gen 4:14): the eclipse of ~~~ the sense of God and of man ~~~

« He de esconderme de tu ~~~ presencia » (Gn 4, 14): eclipse del sentido de Dios y del hombre ~~~

EnglishAnd when you dare to protest, they laugh in your face.
Y cuando te atreves a protestar, se ríen en tu cara.
Englishand don't you dare show your face round here again!
¡y no te vuelvas a aparecer por aquí!
Englishif you don't shut up I'll smash your face in
como no te calles te voy a partir la boca
Englishuse a clip to hold your hair back off your face
sujétate ese mechón con una horquilla
Englishwe'll soon wipe that smile off your face
se te van a acabar pronto las ganas de reír
Englishthe whole situation could explode in your face
Englishare you stuffing your face again already?
¿ya te estás llenando el buche de nuevo?
Englishthat hairstyle makes your face look longer
Englishyou couldn't see your hand in front of your face
Englishyou can wipe that grin off your face!
Englishyou've made a real mess of your face
Englishas plain as the nose on your face
Englishto take that smile off your face