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"to leak out" in Spanish

EN to leak out

1. general

to leak out
salirse {vb} (por un orificio, una grieta)

2. "news"

to leak out (also: to leach, to filter, to perk)

Context sentences for "to leak out" in Spanish

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EnglishI should like to remind the Commissioner that such data will inevitably leak out.
Quiero advertir al Comisario de que esos datos se filtrarán inevitablemente.
EnglishIt is clear that these substances will leak out and that children will then ingest them via their mouths.
Es evidente que los ftalatos salen a la superficie y que los niños los ingieren.
EnglishThere is every chance that data stored in such large quantities for such long periods could leak out.
La probabilidad de que los datos conservados durante períodos tan largos de tiempo se filtren es muy alta.