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EnglishI should like to answer the question of the honourable Member Bart Staes as follows.
Quisiera contestar de la siguiente manera a la pregunta del diputado Bart Staes.
EnglishThere were two very specific questions which I would like to answer briefly.
Había dos cuestiones muy específicas a las que me gustaría responder brevemente.
EnglishSome specific questions were raised in the debate, which I would like to answer.
En el debate han surgido algunas preguntas específicas, las cuales quisiera responder.
EnglishI should like to answer three of the points that were raised in this debate.
Me gustaría responder a tres de las cuestiones que se han planteado en este debate.
EnglishI would now like to answer the specific requests made by the European Parliament.
Quiero responder ahora a las preguntas concretas formuladas por el Parlamento Europeo.
EnglishMr President, I would like to answer the questions that have been put to me.
Señor Presidente, quisiera contestar a las preguntas que se me han formulado.
EnglishI should like to answer this question by Mr Papayannakis in the following way.
Quiero contestar del siguiente modo a la pregunta de su Señoría, el Sr. Papayannakis.
EnglishI should very much like an answer to these questions either this week or next week.
Por lo tanto, me gustaría que se me contestara en esta o la próxima semana.
EnglishMr President, I should like to answer the second supplementary question.
   Señor Presidente, quiero contestar a la segunda pregunta complementaria.
EnglishThis is an important question I am putting to you and I would really like an answer.
Es un tema importante que les planteo y me gustaría mucho tener respuestas.
EnglishI would like to answer a few questions and clarify a few things very quickly.
Me gustaría responder a algunas preguntas y hacer algunas precisiones muy rápidamente.
EnglishI would also like to answer the specific question which has been raised by the authors.
Quisiera además responder a la pregunta específica planteada por los autores.
EnglishThe second question I would like to answer is from Mr Brok, although he is not here.
La segunda pregunta que me gustaría responder es del Sr. Brok, aunque no esté presente.
EnglishYou raised some questions in your contributions that I should like to answer.
Han planteado ustedes algunas preguntas en sus intervenciones que me gustaría responder.
EnglishI believe this is important and I would like an answer from the Council.
Creo que esto es bastante importante y me gustaría obtener una respuesta del Consejo.
EnglishI would like to answer the question from Mr Schulz about debts in Germany and in Spain.
Quiero responder a la pregunta del señor Schulz sobre las deudas de Alemania y España.
EnglishI should also like to answer a couple of the central questions put to me.
Me gustaría también responder a un par de preguntas fundamentales que me han planteado.
EnglishMr President, I would like to answer the question about Mr Nikitin.
Sr. Presidente, quisiera responder a la pregunta relacionada con el caso Nikitin.
EnglishHowever, some specific questions have been asked which I should like to answer.
No obstante, se han formulado una serie de preguntas específicas a las que desearía responder.
EnglishI should just like to answer some of the more specific questions that have been raised.
Ahora quisiera responder a algunas de las preguntas más específicas que se han planteado.

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