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EN lit (up)

lit (up) (also: lit)
iluminado {adj. m}

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lit adjective
to light verb
to be up to verb
up adverb
to up verb
up! interjection

Context sentences for "lit (up)" in Spanish

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Englishid = "litSingUpToEnter";control.
add(control);control = null;control = new Object();control.
Englishthe whole facade was lit up by spotlights
unos reflectores iluminaban todo el frente
Englishwhen she saw him her eyes lit up with joy
al verlo le brillaron los ojos de alegría
Englishthe streets were all lit up
Englisha smile lit up his features
Englisha smile lit up her face
Englishhis face lit up with joy
Englishhis face lit up