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EnglishWe are familiar with the little game which the Council has played here several times before.
Nosotros conocemos ya el jueguecito del Consejo, que lo va a practicar más veces.
EnglishOn the other hand he has also made it clear that we are playing a little tactical game here.
Además ha hecho patente que quiere que juguemos a un pequeño juego táctico.
EnglishUnfortunately, in that little game, every time you bet, you lose, and you are constantly being forced to add to your stake.
Desgraciadamente, en ese jueguecito, se pierden todas las jugadas y uno se ve obligado a cargar las tintas.
EnglishThat means going beyond the sterile little game of defending national privileges and territory in the short term.
Eso significa ir más allá del pequeño juego estéril de defender los privilegios nacionales y el territorio a corto plazo.
EnglishThere is a little game of 'oh yes it is, oh no it isn't' going on here: Mr Weber says it is true, Mr Kallas says it is not.
Aquí hay un cierto juego de "sí es verdad, no es verdad". El señor Weber dice que es cierto, el señor Kallas dice que no lo es.
EnglishI can see through your little game !
EnglishI know your little game!
EnglishI know your little game!
EnglishI know his little game
EnglishHowever, given the importance of the votes that we are going to hold, especially on the case of a person sentenced to death, I will not play this little game.
Sin embargo, habida cuenta de la importancia de las votaciones que vamos a celebrar, sobre todo la relativa al caso de la persona condenada a muerte, no me voy a prestar a este jueguecito.

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