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EN loony

1. colloquial

loony (also: madman, nutter, nutcase, lunatic)
loony (also: madwoman, nutcase, lunatic, nutter)
loony (also: crackpot, nutcase, kook, crazy)
loony (also: crackpot, nutcase, kook, wacko)
loony (also: nutcase)
locatis {m} [Spa.] [coll.]
loony (also: nutter)
majara {m} [Spa.] [coll.]
loony (also: nutter)
majareta {m} [Spa.] [coll.]

Context sentences for "loony" in Spanish

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EnglishMr President, it is nice to see our loony friends are in the Chamber with us today.
   – Señor Presidente, es un placer contar hoy en la Cámara con la presencia de nuestros amigos chiflados.
Englishif he carries on the way he is, he'll end up in the loony bin
si sigue así, va a terminar en el manicomio
Englishthe loony left
Englishhe's completely loony