EN to make a fuss

to make a fuss (also: to scandalize, to shock, to outrage)
to make a fuss (also: to fuss)
faramallear {v.i.} [Chile] [coll.]
to make a fuss
revirar {v.t.} [Col.] [coll.]

Context sentences for "to make a fuss" in Spanish

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EnglishWhy should we make a fuss about the future of Europe?
¿Por qué armar un escándalo por el futuro de Europa?
EnglishIt is just unfortunate that certain members of the Council will feel the need to make a fuss about the way in which the burden is distributed.
Lamento que en el Consejo haya personas que peleen por la distribución de las cargas.
EnglishMr President, I think those of you who know me in this House, will know that I am not one to make a fuss.
Señor Presidente, creo que los miembros de esta Asamblea que me conocen sabrán que no soy una persona que le guste quejarse.
EnglishThese rich countries boast about the fact that they no longer make a fuss about the gigantic amounts which these poor countries owe them.
Estos países ricos alardean de que ya no van a plantear dificultades sobre las cantidades gigantescas que los países pobres les adeudan.
EnglishWe were not elected to make a fuss merely because we do not like someone or because television reports and newspaper editorials have painted a negative picture of them.
No fuimos elegidos para escandalizarnos porque no nos gusta alguien o porque los reportajes de televisión y los editoriales en los periódicos han esbozado una imagen negativo de ella.