EN milling

1. general

milling (also: grinding, grist)
Even the milling of genetically modified grain is not a watertight solution.
Tampoco la molienda de granos modificados genéticamente es una solución irrefutable.
milling (also: piping, knurl, milled edge)
milling (also: reeding, circumscription)
milling (also: reeding)
milling (also: grinding)
moledura {f} (de trigo)

2. "of steel"

milling (also: lamination, laminate)

3. "of cloth"


4. "of lumber"

milling (also: sawing, sawn timber)

Context sentences for "milling" in Spanish

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EnglishSuch are the multitude of lobbies which are milling around the issue.
Existen múltiples grupos de presión alrededor del asunto.
Englishmilling cutter for ditches
Englisha milling crowd
Englishside milling cutter