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EN mind-boggling

1. colloquial

mind-boggling (also: astonished, punch-drunk, stupefied)
When examined more closely, this recommendation is, in fact, mind-boggling, leading one to wonder just how seriously the wording can be taken.
En efecto, si se lee con detenimiento, esta recomendación deja estupefacto y cabe preguntarse por su seriedad.
mind-boggling (also: unthought-of)

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EnglishThe motion for a resolution that is being put before us today is truly mind-boggling.
La propuesta de resolución que tenemos ante nosotros hoy es un auténtico desvarío.
EnglishThis is all quite mind-boggling and shows unbelievable short-sightedness where the economic reality is concerned.
Todo esto es sorprendente, y demuestra una ceguera increíble ante las realidades económicas.
EnglishFind out what 2012 has in store for our shows, the numbers are mind-boggling!
EnglishScientific advances are mind-boggling.
Los avances de la ciencia son asombrosos.