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EN murmur

1. general

murmur (also: buzz, murmuring)
These institutions raise scarcely a murmur of criticism about the bloody dictators that they include.
Dichas instituciones apenas emiten un murmullo de crítica contra los sangrientos dictadores a los que incluyen.
un murmullo de desaprobación
(Murmurs of dissent) I listened to Mr Martens, quietly.
(Murmullos de disentimiento) He escuchado tranquilamente al Sr. Martens.
murmur (also: whisper, rustle, swish)
What we are going to propose to the Intergovernmental Conference on the subject of the CFSP is little more than a plaintive murmur, before which not so much as a leaf will tremble.
Lo que propondremos en la Conferencia Intergubernamental en materia de PESC es poco más que un leve susurro destinado a no hacer temblar ni siquiera a una hoja.
murmur (also: hum)
runrún {m} (de voces)

2. "of traffic"

murmur (also: rumour, rumor, scuttlebutt, buzz)

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EnglishMany ties that existed prior to 1989 were dissolved very quickly yet almost without a murmur.
Muchos de los vínculos existentes con anterioridad a 1989 se disolvieron con suma rapidez, casi sin hacer ruido.
Englishthe murmur of the waves lulled him to sleep
EnglishI don't want to hear a murmur out of you!
Englishshe obeyed without a murmur
EnglishWhat is more, there is barely a murmur about projects which have a real chance of improving European transport, such as the Lyon-Turin link, being blocked.
Apenas nos preocupamos tampoco del bloqueo de proyectos que sí pueden mejorar los transportes europeos, como el enlace Lyon-Turín.