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EN to obligate
[obligated|obligated] {transitive verb}

1. general

to obligate (also: to force)
It is an attempt to cause confusion with figures without obligating individual countries.
Se trata de crear confusión con cifras que no obligan a los distintos países.
We are also obligated to report it and its owners to the appropriate authorities.
Asimismo, estamos obligados a denunciar el contenido, y a sus propietarios, a las autoridades competentes.

2. finance, American English

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EnglishWe will not obligate anyone; we will only inform people, as we are doing today with refrigerators, for example, by means of a clear label or a sticker.
No obligaremos a nadie; solo informaremos a la gente, al igual que hacemos en la actualidad con los frigoríficos, por ejemplo, a través de una etiqueta o una pegatina muy clara.