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EnglishThere are ld new message headers to download for this newsgroup:.
Faltan por descargar ld encabezados de mensajes nuevos:.
EnglishTotal messages: ld Unread messages: ld.
Total mensajes: ld Mensajes no leídos: ld.
EnglishDocument: Received ld of ld bytes.
Documento: Se han recibido ld de ld bytes.
EnglishFound ld articles to retrieve.
Se han encontrado ld artículos para recuperar.
EnglishYou have ld new messages waiting.
EnglishRetrieving 1$ld of 2$ld articles
EnglishRetrieving 1$ld of 2$ld messages
EnglishDocument: Received ld bytes.
EnglishReceived ld of ld headers.
EnglishReceived ld of ld messages.
EnglishMarked ld messages read.
Englishloaded ld of ld messages.
English02ld:02ld:02ld remaining.
EnglishRetrieving article ld.
EnglishViewing Location - [ld].
EnglishThere are ld aliases to.
EnglishAdding to : ld of ld.
EnglishExpired ld messages.
English02ld:02ld remaining.
English(ld of previous ).

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