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off {adj.}
off {prp.}

EN off-line

off-line (also: disconnected, logged off)
off-line (also: cut off, disconnected, logged off)

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EnglishThat will pay off on the bottom line, in a world where there will be a struggle over resources.
Así compensarán los resultados, en un mundo donde se producirá una lucha por los recursos.
EnglishThe use of the on-line environment is more complicated than the off-line environment due to its many barriers.
El uso del entorno digital es más complejo que el del entorno no digital debido a sus múltiples barreras.
EnglishOur citizens, on the other hand, must experience the same level of confidence and protection for transactions on-line as they do off-line.
Política y reglamentación deben adaptarse al mismo sin levantar barreras innecesarias.
Englishthe new model came off the production line in March
EnglishTraditional methods of combating these crimes are inadequate, even if on-line crime is just as criminal as off-line crime.
Los métodos tradicionales para combatir la delincuencia no son suficientes, aunque la delincuencia on-line es tan ilegal como la off-line.